Sunday, 31 January 2010

One for all you chondrichthyologists

With some of my cartoons I find myself wanting to explain the gag to people- I worry that the idea isn't obvious, and I end up saying stuff like, "well, this is supposed to be ....and that the joke is..."
This is usually followed by an exasperated reply of "Yeah, it's ok- I did get it- I’m not daft, you know!"

However, with one of my cartoons, I thought that despite being accepted by a magazine the joke must have been too obscure for publication, because it never appeared in print.
Back in 2008 I came up with the following, and it's only now in 2010 that it's finally seen the light of print, in the latest issue of Reader's Digest.



  1. Like duh ... everyone knows that!

    Personally, I love it.

    You should just make cartoons that amuse you, and if that makes others laugh then so be it. That's then your style.

    I'm trying to head that way with my photography, and it all seems to be about doing what you want to do, in order to find what you do do. Confusing, I know, and comparing my rubbish photography with your internationally published artwork is a little cheeky ;)

  2. Few people understand my cartoons... and I'm perfectly fine with that.

  3. probably important for the magazine cartoon editors to get the gag too though...