Thursday, 28 July 2011

that's not singing, it's just speaking

Really very bored with cartooning lately- I've only drawn about 5 in the past 2 weeks...I need a change.
Not sure what to do next- I’ll either conquer the contemporary art world, or revisit rock n roll. The music thing I should probably leave alone- I've done it once before, and you should never go back.
Myself and two chums had one gig only- in the dining room of my shared house (The landlady's elderly cat being the sole witness to the horrific spectacle). After realising the most talented member of the combo was the drum machine, we decided to split up.
Still- they say the brightest stars burn out the quickest, don't they?

This toon is in the current Prospect magazine (for those of you who don't get it I’ll explain when I see you next).

Friday, 15 July 2011

It's just a scratch

Back in the days when everything was black and white- and multichannel TV meant you could get BBC2- us kids would leg it out of school at the end of a day of learning all about the new decimal coinage, and head towards the 'venture playground. This would be a fenced off section of municipal woodland, where untrained (if well intentioned) volunteers had cobbled together a youthclub shack and various death trap activities (rickety climbing frames, suicidal zip wires, unattended bonfires etc). The evenings wouldn't be judged a success unless someone had trodden upon an upright 6 inch rusty nail or summat.
These day its all risk assessed activity centres and bouncy woodchip flooring.
Sigh...what chance fun, eh?

This one I drew about 3 years ago (I'm not that happy with the 'bounce' effect, or the whizz lines- but Saga magazine liked it and it's in their latest issue.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Staple jelly

This one, in the current Private Eye, in no way refers to anyone I have worked with- although, maybe...perhaps...some point back in the late 80's...hmm...???