Saturday, 29 January 2011

3 legged cat might bite

Last month was quite good for me - I had quite a lot of stuff in print.
The next few weeks won't be so good, mostly due to procrastination, laziness and no ideas- but I was cheered to see The Week magazine ('the best of British and foreign media') had chosen one of my gags from Private Eye for this week's er...The Week. They'd squished it into a 4cm wide column, so here it is in all its widescreen High Definition glory.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ergonomic lighting pod

How does the creative process work? I'm not really sure. For me sometimes the cartoon muse drops an idea on my head at random times- with no obvious reason how or why. But there are times when I set aside a couple of hours after work, with no radio or TV distractions, and attempt to have a thinking session. It's not easy whatever way I try. What seems like genius at 11.30 pm is revealed in the cold light of the next day as 3rd rate tat.
I could never do this to order, like some people do in 'creative departments'- Those that can, and make a regular living from it, I envy. So, my way of getting over that, as I seethe in bitter resentment, changing photocopier toner cartridges, is to poke fun at them instead.
This is in The Spectator-

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Technology- pah!
OK, so it enables me to draw cartoons a bit better than with pen n ink, but it is also the source of much headache and irritation in the day job. I am so not looking forward to tomorrow. I shall say no more about that, other than, AGGHHHH!!!!!
OK- that's out of the way...and breathe...
2 cartoons in the new Private Eye- woo! One was drawn last year in April, so that was a nice surprise to see it hadn't been lost- t'other is this one, drawn just last week.

Yeah- take that, processed food industry, and lazy parenting!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


What's that all about then? When someone opposite you on the train starts flapping about how, "Ooh, I can't sit facing the wrong way! Do you mind changing seats? ooh, ahhh oohh !!"
What!? Why? Is your head going to explode? Brain can't process the fact you're going backwards?

(yes, I know the signature is getting a bit too large- This one is in the current issue of the Oldie, but it was drawn some time ago- I've calmed down a bit more recently)

Sunday, 2 January 2011

It's all about...........timing

One of the reasons I tend to steer clear of topical cartoons is because stuff changes too quickly- I drew this one a couple of weeks ago, but now as I look out the window at the green expanse of a dry(ish) garden, it's already out of date- curse you warmer weather and your thawing properties!
(er..I'm not sure if it's obvious, but that's meant to be snow these ladies are walking through)

I only sent it to one of the mags- we'll see if it appears- if not I guess it can go into digital storage until the next chilly spell.