Friday, 30 December 2011


Hello- I'm still here- seems ages since writing my last bit of nonsense.
I blame the Winter solstice, and that other festival that happens around this time...umm...something to do with puddings, and cheap sofas at DFS, I think.
Anyway... I finally have a new computer! and a new monitor! woo!
So- what do I find myself doing? After having spent days setting up all my techie drawing gizmos-
I go back to drawing with old fashioned dip pens-  (Hunt '102' Crow Quill dip pen, and Rowney Kandahar Indian ink, before you ask).
Sigh- ah, well- I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon- and once I’ve accidentally stabbed meself with the nib a few more times, it'll be back to the electronic drawing tablet.

I s’pose I should post a cartoon while I'm here- this one (drawn on the old PC) was in the Oldie magazine a month or so ago.

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Ever wanted to give up the rat race? Work from home?
So did I- had a go at it for about a year.

I ended up speaking to the pot plants.

This cartoon is in the current Reader's Digest.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

awkward glance to camera

A couple of cartoons in Private Eye-
This one drawn just before the computer went pop- haven't drawn anymore since.
Just as well it's Xmas- when the magazines seem to go into hibernation- so maybe they won't notice my lack of productivity for a bit. Hope to be back in the world of electronic gizmos soon, so with luck I won't have forgotten how to draw by then...

I'm sure the multi millionaire Ricky Gervais won't lose any sleep about this cartoon poking fun at his latest comedy on the BBC- I hear he's won awards n stuff- quite the success, apparently.

Look! The little bloke has fallen over! hahahahahahhaha!


Friday, 2 December 2011

fzzzt crackle bzzzz

Bah- everything is still broken- and i've got a bad back- it's cold outside too.
The Spectator has one of my cartoons this week- woo hoo!

Speaking of said magazine- was up in posh bit of London last week for a private view of an exhibition of Spectator cartoons- held at a small gallery just off Bond Street. The cartoons were all up for sale, and a couple of mine sold on the night- so maybe i'll be able to afford to buy a new computer and start drawing again soon. was a good evening out- and i met quite a few fellow cartoonists- amazingly normal and a nice bunch of people (which is odd, when you look at our dark, bitter and twisted thoughts on paper)