Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bin there done that

Mankind stopped being hunter-gatherers for a reason- it's so much easier to go to the local shops and pick up a meal you can zap in the microwave- which gives you more time to watch cooking programmes on telly.
And yet some people still persist in picking stuff off the floor and eating it- when I were a lad that was called being a tramp- these days it's middle class and known as 'foraging'.
This one is in the latest Private Eye.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hand Held in Black and White

The zombie was in front of me at the supermarket self service checkout- there had been a promotional discount on brains at the fresh meats counter- all the local undead were stumbling over themselves to take advantage. This one was getting on my nerves though- kept dropping his change as he tried to insert payment into the automatic till. Honestly, some of them could be worse than pensioners.
I pulled out the phased plasma rifle (in the 40-watt range) and took aim...SHTOOOOMMMM!!!
"Unexpected item in bagging area..." said the self service machine- I kicked the zombie's corpse to one side and scanned my items...Yorkie chocolate bar...bip!; packet of dream topping...bip!

What I have described above is what I imagine computer games are like these days- I don't really know- I gave up on them years ago- but it's the impression I got from the slack jawed chumps I used to work with (hello!), and their "ooh- look- I’ve pre ordered 'Dance Zombie II- The Apocalypse'- it looks ace!"

Here's a cartoon I couldn't sell-

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Great Egg Race

I'm not the first cartoonist called Len- there was one knocking around 15th century Tuscany. Leonardo Da Vinci's cartoon of the Virgin and Child (National Gallery, London) is a nice drawing, but I've never got the joke.
He wasn't bad at painting I suppose, but what's all that about him being a genius inventor, designing machines ahead of his time?