Thursday, 7 January 2010

Global warming

What about this snow then?

Kids today! All the schools closed?

Pah! When I were a kid we'd set off on our walk to school at midnight, to ensure we'd be there on time for morning assembly prayers. Rosy red cheeks aglow we'd knock back a glass of rum at morning break and run around the playground in pants and vests, laughing at the arctic blizzard engulfing us. Never did us any harm- apart from the alcoholism and the amputations due to frostbite.

Modern day mollycoddling is all due to the cartoonist’s friend, 'Health and Safety', apparently. Head teachers close the schools to avoid litigious parents suing because Tabitha and Tarquin fell over on the ice. Good idea- let them out n about and get up to some proper mischief instead.

(Sorry for the lack of posts recently- not much to report really- Xmas is a quiet time for the magazines, and I've been busy breaking computer networks. But I have had a couple of gags accepted recently, so I'll post them as n when they appear in print)

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