Thursday, 23 June 2016

Metal Mickey

This one of mine appeared in Private Eye a couple of weeks ago.

My day job is in IT, but in a very dull kinda way.
Sometimes I think the coffee machine is the most complicated piece of kit I use.
I am not sure how 'Mr QuikBlend' would benefit from reaching a higher plane of being.

Think on, science types!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Keep it simple, stupid.

This cartoon appears in the current issue of Private Eye.
I was glad it was taken, as I wasn't sure if people would get it.
You don't, do you?

I'll explain.
Modern communication some people are so keen to text/e-mail/instasnapwhatschat photos of things that would probably put you off your breakfast.
Does human nature change?
Would older means of communications and media have been used in a similar way when they were new?

The drawing was tricky enough (is it obvious the scene is from times past? hmm, not sure...let's chuck in some background detail), but I also found myself agonising over the caption.

Should I use actual names, but then risk referencing real people?
Or should I just use the 'Lord' and 'Lady' titles?
Should I use other titles: Baron/Viscount/Earl? 
How should you use titles? (I mean, do you know what sort of angry letters appear in the magazine's 'Pedant's Corner' over this sort of thing!?)
Ages spent on t'internet: courtesy titles- the capitalisation of the definitive article 'The' even in middle of a sentence when used before the honorific prefix. Agghh!!!

Why can't I just do simple?
I'm off to have a lie down.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Serra de Tramuntana

Regular visitors will know that this blog often veers off on to 'things' other than toons- such as my holiday snaps.
Just got back from Mallorca.
It has lovely beaches and clear blue seas.
I  kept well away from such things- although I could just about glimpse some in the distance as I punished myself with hikes in the hills.

(Thankfully it is back to work tomorrow- I'll be able to put me feet up and have a rest)

Friday, 3 June 2016

High on a hill...

Hello to you, my five or so viewers- apologies for the lack of posts recently.
I have been busy honing my flabby body into... a still flabby body, but with minor injuries and pulled muscles.

Cross fit and Krav Maga are the culprits (or Cross Stitch and Mardi Gras, as my oh-so-funny 'friends' call them. Shut it! I am the professional humourist).
Nothing new in print recently, but I have some stuff coming up soon having made some decent sales recently.
I will be able to stock up on the Pot Noodles and no longer go hungry. Result!
In the meantime, here is a 'sort of sold, but not really' cartoon.
One of the UK mags I appear in has a habit of accepting toons, but then never printing them. Which is a bit of a pain, seeing as payment is on publication.

Maybe they decided people wouldn't get it, and canned it.
It's a rare (for me) caption-less cartoon.

Does it need explanation?
Indoor climbing wall...who would be interested in using it???

Looks good fun- maybe a new way for me to injure this old carcass of mine.
Perhaps I should ask the Sports&Social Club if they can get hold of one.