Saturday, 24 March 2012


phew- it's too hot outside- what I ought to do is sit indoors with a cup of tea, and read the latest issue of Private Eye magazine.
It's chock full of witty stuff, funny little drawings, and clever journalism- well worth £1.50- you might find something like the following cartoon inside- go out and buy a copy!

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Still here- sorry for not putting much online recently.
That's what happens when you fall down the ice pit on Badger Island- but that's another story...

Anyway- what was this blog about?
It's been a while- let me have a read...
Blah blah blah- oh, yes- cartoons.

Nothing new in print right now- quite a few things are hanging about in the magazine filing cabinets- but I have no idea when/if they will actually be used.
So- to fill a bit of space, here's one that never found a home

Other than not being very good, maybe it was too subtle- maybe I should have coloured the 'Kids Welcome' bit, to make it stand out- maybe I should have made the kid a bit clearer in the second panel-maybe I should have thought of a better cartoon in the first place...maybe I should have studied harder at school and got a proper job...