Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Witty title

Have you ever seen those American sitcoms where they pad out a whole show with clips of previous episodes? The characters, sitting in a coffee shop/bar/death row, say things like, 'hey, what about when Bobby Jo did...' cue wobbly special effect as a clip of season 1 episode 3 comes up. Well, I feel that's what this blog has been like lately- full of padding and not much new stuff. So, it’s good news for the blog and my wallet as I've recently I've had a few cartoons accepted and they're slowly coming out in print- about time too!

Private Eye magazine has a couple in their latest issue. One of them was a complete surprise because they had told me it had been rejected. Although it was good to see it in print it could have resulted in the ultimate cartoonist faux pas- what if I’d sent it on to another mag and they also printed it... the same gag in two magazines? I'd have been drummed out of the cartoonist's community probably. Just as well all the other mags rejected it.

Here’s one of the cartoons.

The inspiration for this being the TV shows a friend makes me watch when she visits- Sex and the City; Gok Wan’s ‘Look At Me I’m Starkers’; Ugly Betty etc etc. OK, I might pretend to huff and puff, and say ‘The Sweeney is on ITV10’, but, secretly I enjoy them too- they often feature some quite fit babes- what is there to complain about? Oh- and they resulted in this cartoon- result.


  1. Love it. Certainly my favourite of your recent ones, although maybe it just happens to coincide more with my level of humour!

  2. Jimmy Choo's my idol, you know ...

  3. Matriarchal inspiration too! Love this.

  4. Thanks, Ms Frog- I like your blog

  5. Saw this in The New Statesman... (only kidding, it was Private Eye!). Nice one!