Friday, 29 January 2010

That's gotta hurt

The latest issue of Prospect magazine has a cartoon of mine that I came up with ages ago. I was worried that it might have had passed its sell-by-date, but I suppose the current Iraq inquiry taking place in London makes it a bit more topical.

The phrase 'battle for hearts and minds' has been used quite a lot over the past few years, relating to a variety of theatre of operations in hot, dusty countries (weren't they called 'wars' once upon a time? I don’t recall BATTLE comic having stories called 'Tommy Cockles and the Theatre of Operations against the Hun’ …Tommy's gun spat lead! “Nein, Nein! Aiieee, Gott in Himmel!").
I digress. Here's the cartoon-

I'm not sure if I drew it as an attempt at satire, or if I just wanted to draw a Viking\head on a stick cartoon.

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