Monday, 28 March 2016

Buzzy McBuzzface

A little while ago I posted a pic on this blog of the beginnings of a mini-sculpture project- the clockwork 'dragonfly'.
It's made up from bits of clock innards, costume jewellery and dip pen nibs.

I spent far too much time on it, but finally it is finished.

Top view

Side view

OK- so it doesn't have the full complement of wings and legs that a real dragonfly would have, but whatever!
Not sure why I did this- but it was a nice change from the cartooning.

Charity shop bell jar, and dead bonsai tree

Gonna change the base tho'- need to find a dead tree branch (silver birch maybe??) to saw into shape I reckon.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Ecky Thump

When I am not getting beaten up in my Krav Maga self-defence lessons I've been rather enjoying Game of Thrones.

Has this cod-mediaeval sword and sorcery nonsense messed with my mind??

Here are two cartoons of mine in the latest Private Eye magazine.