Thursday, 28 April 2011

says nothing to me about my life

I’m a bit rubbish at drawing. Without the aid of computer trickery and endless digital ‘undo’s’ my limitations are revealed. So, fed up with this inability to do stuff ‘live’, last night I started an evening class for Painting and Drawing. All I can say is that I will not be posting on this blog the abominations produced.

So- back to the cartoons- I have a couple in the current Private Eye- one ripping off a rather good artist, L.S.Lowry, and his scenes of working life in 1950’s Salford.
It’s a bit niche, this one- you have to know about how the BBC are moving some of their departments up to a new glossy location in Salford- and how some London based staff have been grizzling about it.
The magazine often pokes fun at media types, so I had a hunch they might publish it- and for once I was proved right.

Friday, 22 April 2011

No cartoon day

It's the Easter holidays and loads of people I know are wandering around interesting places- Italy, Greece, Denmark...
Hah! Fools! I stayed at home and basked in the hottest day of the year so far- rounding the day off with a last minute barbecue, using one of those disposable things you get at the supermarket.
Things went downhill rapidly- I hadn't taken into account the creatures from down the road.

Ninjas at two O'clock.

Classic pincer movement- confuse the enemy (me)

Attack! Attack! Attack!

I couldn't eat another thing.

Yum- thanks- but more chicken next time- cheers.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Strange fruit

Plink plinky plink plink, goes the ukulele- there's a bit of whistling too usually. The advert on the telly then shows an animated strawberry and/or banana pirouetting about, as a bland non threatening voiceover artist says something irritating like "Hullo. Fruit is ace. Honest. We thought we'd share our love of fruit with you. Here’s a drink we made by squishing fruits- Hope you like it (simper). We make it in a shed in our garden. Look, a fluffy bunny hops about the garden. It thinks fruit is rather ace too, don't you, fluffy wuffy? Tra la la- hello trees, hello sky..."
Plink plinky plink plink...

We all know what the truth is - we all know that MegaChemGloboFoodIncCorp Industries(Brazil) bought you out years ago.

(This one made its way into the Australian version of The Spectator magazine.)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This ain't Rock n Roll, this is...

Got home from work early today- it's nice and sunny so I thought I'd have a hack at the overgrown garden. Five minutes later I got bored and tired and had a cup of tea instead.

More exciting instalments to come later, thrillseekers!