Saturday, 12 January 2013

nil desperandum

Cartooning can be a bit demoralising at times. You spend ages creating these rib tickling works of genius- only to have them crumpled up and thrown back at you by the all powerful magazine editor- what’s the matter with these people!?! Don’t they realise I spend literally minutes stealing ideas, and hoping no one will notice! (oops- ignore that last bit).

But- there are some discerning folk out there, so you just need to keep trying.
This cartoon was drawn in 2010- it’s only recently found a home- courtesy of those lovely Saga people.


  1. Terrific cartoon --and I agree with you that it's frustrating when your brilliant cartoons are rejected. Whenever I send in some cartoons for consideration, I always add in one or two "moldy oldies" of mine. Persistence!

  2. Hey, Mike- thanks for that- glad you liked it. So, the inappropriately attired nightclubber isn't just a U.K. phenomenon, then?

  3. Yes, it's a universal. Even my lovely, smart redhead spouse will go for fashion over common sense.