Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Kling Klang

Although I'm quite fortunate to have a few cartoons in print right now, I thought I'd mention a non seller.
This one is a personal favourite of mine- but when I thought it up I had my doubts it would ever sell.
I drew it anyway.

This will mean nothing to you if you weren't raised on 1970's British children's television.
Blimey- talk about restricting your market...
I was proved right- no one took it- despite a couple of editors saying they liked it.
Another one also told me he had no idea what it was about.

I won't explain it- maybe its better as an enigma.


  1. Good Len, although I'm far too young and spritely to understand this, I recognised the mice straight away, if they were mice.

  2. good point- i'm not sure if they were mice or not

  3. I got it! My "I think I just dropped a Clanger" joke was similarly overlooked.

  4. This is just delightful! Loved it. I would have picked it up, were I an editor of some sort.