Friday, 2 July 2010

Less Ink More Think

I believe it was the cartoon editor of The New Yorker who once said, "It’s not the ink—it’s the think that makes a cartoon."

Well, I think I've used too much ink in this one- I couldn't sell it, despite hearing that people liked the drawing.

It's supposed to be about the cheesy glossy mags, and celebs selling their images for people to drool over. But, the reference is probably too obscure- After all, how many people these days are aware of the Cottingley Fairies scam from 1917?


  1. I think you're probably right. The scam is probably one people are aware of - in fact, I knew about it - but I certainly didn't make the mental connection. I just saw it as a joke about the glossies, without that extra reference, which is a shame, as that makes it a great cartoon.

  2. yeah- gonna stick with desert islands and psychiatrists from now on- if i ever get round to drawing again of course.