Friday, 25 June 2010

OK Brain. I Don't Like You And You Don't Like Me...

Hmm... It's been a month now since I've thought of, and drawn, a cartoon.
Perhaps I'm going to enter one of my 10 year cartoon hibernation periods.
Today I took the day off from trying to upgrade email server antivirus solutions, in an attempt to have a thinking day. But, the sunny weather meant I ended up wandering along the Thames path near Marlow. V nice, but I didn't feel inspired cartoon-wise.
And now the BBC has wall to wall coverage of the Glastonbury festival- not much chance of me sitting down and thinking funny while that's on.
Ah well- Perhaps I shouldn't dwell too much on it. I still have a few toons doing the rounds, and some I drew a while back are just coming out in print.

Here's one in this week's Spectator

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