Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Where'd I put that trumpet?

As mentioned previously, I’m stuck beneath the weight of a creative block right now. So, I was rather encouraged to find myself mentioned in the introduction to the Spectator magazine's cartoon special (8 page section in the current mag). It's a selection of some of the best cartoons from the last decade, and quite understandably, when looking at the brilliant cartoonists featured, none of mine were included. But...! In the introduction by cartoon editor Michael Heath, where many of the gag cartoon greats get thanked for their contributions, he also writes, "Readers should keep a lookout for the smart new kids on the block: Len, Wilbur and Murray."
I ought to stay cool and aloof, but...Woo yay!!

Oh, and on top of that, the same magazine has used one of my cartoons in a set of greeting cards currently advertised for sale within their pages. It’s a colour version of this one.

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