Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Twiglet Zone

I think cats must be vampires- they seem to be rendered inanimate when they are hit by a beam of sunlight- all signs of life are extinguished, especially if the beam of light combines with a fur rug.

A vampire features in one of two cartoons I have in Private Eye magazine this week- it's the one I was drawing whilst being enveloped in an atmosphere of pretension, as detailed in an earlier post. Perhaps a pseudo intellectual environment has a positive effect on my cartoons, resulting in them being more likely to be accepted...hmmm...

If this is the case anything I draw today is going to go straight into the rubbish bin, as I'll soon be watching 'Carry on Dick' on telly and eating a Pot Noodle. Here's the vampire cartoon-

It's all about the current vogue for vampires to be soppy faced teenagers with issues. In my day all we had was a bloodshot eyed Christopher Lee, flouncing about in a cape in the Hammer films on late night telly- or if you were into your classics, there was old baldie Nosferatu, which is what I'm trying to represent in the cartoon.


  1. I found this blog precisely because of seeing this cartoon in private eye :) I thouht it was brilliant and wanted to describe it to a friend.