Monday, 23 November 2009

I lose again

Results just in for the caption competition a couple of months back. My original caption was only voted second favourite by the readers of Reader's Digest- but I only lost by 5 votes. So, here is the pic again- bearing in mind that it's supposed to show a Mowgli type wolf-boy, my caption is:

"You both know I appreciate you raising me, but I have some news."

The winning caption, by Edward Peppitt of Stoke-on-Trent was:

"Typical! You stand there for hours crying wolf, then two come along at once."

As the magazine points out on their website, quite where the cat comes into this is anyone's guess.


  1. How can the cat simply be ignored? Also, "crying wolf" does not mean calling for a wolf to come, it means alerting people to the presence of a wolf (or claiming to). This winning caption fails to work on so many levels!

    The British public may have succeeded in getting rid of Jedward at last, but they dropped the ball here, Len ;-)

  2. The winning caption doesn't make any sense to me, Royston. The public eh, whaddaya gonna do?