Thursday, 5 November 2009

Life beyond the cartoon graveyard

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November.
Gunpowder, treason and plot...

Precious few fireworks round these parts tonight- and no one asks for a penny for the Guy anymore. These days it seems that Halloween has taken over as the choice of the kids as their preferred way of demanding treats with menaces. I read somewhere the other day that it began to take off in this country after the film E.T. came out- with its scenes of Halloween 'fun'- i.e. the tacky crap that kids dress up in, and all its commercial opportunities.

How long before the major retailers in the UK decide that what we really need in this country is to celebrate Thanksgiving?
"Good idea, R.J. Let's get the marketing guys and gals on to that one!"

This has nothing to do with cartoons-so, I’ll get back to the plot. Quite pleased this week, as I've made a couple of sales (I’ll post them when they get published) and a couple of 'holds' (nothing definite, but potential publication)- oh, and the usual rejections. Such as the following- I really liked this, so I was sad Foxy never got into print.

But... these things might have life after publishing death.
Most of my unpublished cartoons go to a stock cartoon service called Cartoonstock.
I haven't been with them long, but even cartoons I drew years ago, and thought would never appeal to anyone, have ended up as a design on a mug and made me a few extra pennies- such as the following- it must be old- it's drawn with real pen and ink, rather than computer technology.

So- fret not, Foxy- you may yet end up on a mouse mat.

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