Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Life Drawing

My only tuition in art has been a life class at the Charles Cecil studios in Florence, Italy last year. I was over there studying History of Art at the British Institute of Florence, and the life class was an optional extra- well, y'know, there's not much to see or do over there really, so I had to occupy myself. That is, in between pigging out on Bistecca alla Fiorentina and trying out most of the cocktails in the Art Bar.

But I digress...I wish I had more training in art, so it's good to see that Channel 4 is currently running a life class tuition on TV at lunchtimes. I know all my friends and family think that all I do these days is watch daytime telly, so here I am admitting it. My attempts at drawing what is on screen have been rather hopeless, so I had another go at drawing a live model in my house- Next Door's Cat (NDC). I went upstairs and found he'd snuck in through the back door and tried to camouflage himself against the brown fur (fake!) rug/blanket thing that is in the spare room.

I used a Japanese style brush pen- normally i draw my cartoons on the computer, so it was odd not to have the undo function to cover my ineptitude. Here is the result- let's play 'find the black cat on the brown fur rug'!

(for the musos amongst you-that's a microKorg being used by NDC as a base for his bed )

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