Monday, 29 June 2009

Neil Young

The Glastonbury festival finished yesterday. I camped out for 3 days watching every second of it. Well, when I say 'camped out', I mean sitting in an armchair in front of the BBC tv coverage, surrounded by survival rations of lager and curry.

I swore never to go in person ever again after the time when it RAINED and I caught trench foot.

However, I will admit to feeling rather envious of the people there as I watched curmudgeonly old Canadian Neil Young belting out the classics.

What has this to do with cartoons? Not much, but I felt like having another go at doing a caricature- here it is...


  1. Nice job on the caricature! Yeah, I was at one of the really muddy Glastonburys too, in 1997. Haven't been since, though that's partly cos of having young kids. My best Glastonbury memories are from the sunny one of 1995.

    Good to see you blogging, Len, and thanks for the link. Will reciprocate.

  2. Hi Royston- thanks for the comment.
    My first Glasts was when Pulp replaced the Stone Roses (1996??)- it was a magical weekend.
    I think I was at the 97 one too- it was probably the year after when I had enough and got the train home early- watched the rest on telly in comfort (and not covered in grime).

  3. Yeah, I was at that one (it was 1995). A brilliant year. Pulp were great. Glastonbury took a year off in 96 then came back with the first of a run of really muddy ones in 97!

    I was at that one too. I managed to avoid trench foot, but I remember reading afterwards that it was the worst outbreak since World War One!