Friday, 17 July 2009

Ch ch ch changes

Hopefully one of my favourite cartoonists, Wilbur, won't mind me nicking one of the themes he returns to every now and again on his blog- about how a style changes over the years.
I recently dug up what I think is the first cartoon I had published in Punch magazine, probably 10 or so years ago. I suppose you could say the drawing has a certain scratchy appeal, but I don't particularly like it. I was determined to use steel nibbed dip pens, because all my cartoonist heroes used them- most of the time I stabbed myself with them and dripped ink everywhere.

Not long after it was published the magazine folded- ok, all magazines fold, I mean shut down for good. Anyway, I also shut down my cartooning while the exciting world of IT Support took over my life.

Just recently, having dived back into the turbulent sea that is cartooning, I think I'm finally getting to a style I like- dip pens have been replaced by electronic stylus and computer, and stabbed fingers and ink smudges are no more. The majority of the drawings on this blog are in what I think is my new style. An interim style is what could be called my Rotring period- the first lot of cartoons I had published as I restarted cartooning were drawn with Rotring technical pens. Some of these cartoons are still only just being published, thanks to the delay between acceptance and publication- for example, this one in Reader's Digest...

It does appear, when you compare the styles in different magazines, that there are two 'Len' cartoonists-or maybe I have a split personality...?
(Who said that?!)