Friday, 5 June 2009

If at first you don't succeed...

...then you are probably a cartoonist.
Haven't drawn much new stuff recently- mostly because all the mags I submit to seem to return the rejected gags at the same time. So, it's been a week of trying to work out who hasn't had what gag, and sending them off on their merry way in the slow waltz that is the submission cycle.
Maybe I should explain that a bit more for the uninitiated-
As a gag caroonist you draw your cartoons, and then, when you have 5 or more you send them as a batch to Magazine Number wait for the yay or hear have many self doubts...bills come wait...the post arrives (more pizza flyers) wait...and then, eventually, you get the reply from the ed.
Yep, the one you thought was rubbish, and you only sent to make up the numbers, got accepted- but all the other ones (in your mind the ultimate in killer wit and satire) get rejected.
So- you package that lot up again and send to Magazine Number Two...and you wait...etc.
Of course, proper cartoonists will have by now drawn a whole new lot to send to Magazine Number One.
That's if you're a proper cartoonist- I however seem to have watched 'Loose Women' on ITV for 5 days in a row instead.
Ho hum.

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