Monday, 22 September 2014


'Profit forecast inquiry'
'Executives suspended'
'Shares dive'

Just some of the headlines from today.

Maybe certain people should have gone on the sort of training courses I had to complete recently.
I was going to say, 'attend recently'- but the days of going on a week's jolly of residential training are long gone.
It's all Computer Based Training now.
Sat in front of my computer screen for the mandatory Ethics and Compliance course- clicking 'next' to questions such as-
"Julio gets offered a gold plated turtle by his supplier, Ramon. Should he take this or not?"
(I work for an American company)

All very interesting (hmmm), but I am not sure how this newly acquired ethical knowledge affects how I change toner cartridges in the canteen manager's office...sigh.

This is in the current Private Eye magazine-

If you happen to work for a large multinational company- try doing a web search of your company's name and terms such as 'fined', or 'lawsuit', etc etc. You might find some interesting results that probably won't appear in the quarterly staff newsletter.

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