Thursday, 4 September 2014

Blowing through the jasmine in my mind

So, I went to Kew Gardens yesterday.

Gosh, it's a popular place for 'yummy mummies'.
And they're so enthusiastic about everything their offspring does- bless.

Balthazar- play nicely with Acanthus!
Look, Tilly- a leaf- wow!! Isn't it amazing?!
Wow! Tilly! You've picked up the leaf- that's so clever!
Flintlock! Flintlock! Over here! Look- it's a...umm...a plant, thing!
Clever boy- you've pulled up a rare orchid from its award winning display!
You wanted to see the root system, didn't you?
Oh, wowie wow!- that's such a creative thing to do, Flinty!

I took refuge in the canopy in the Palm House.

(Some cartoons soon...)

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