Friday, 2 December 2011

fzzzt crackle bzzzz

Bah- everything is still broken- and i've got a bad back- it's cold outside too.
The Spectator has one of my cartoons this week- woo hoo!

Speaking of said magazine- was up in posh bit of London last week for a private view of an exhibition of Spectator cartoons- held at a small gallery just off Bond Street. The cartoons were all up for sale, and a couple of mine sold on the night- so maybe i'll be able to afford to buy a new computer and start drawing again soon. was a good evening out- and i met quite a few fellow cartoonists- amazingly normal and a nice bunch of people (which is odd, when you look at our dark, bitter and twisted thoughts on paper)


  1. That's superb news about your cartoons selling. You definitely are really that good, you know :)

  2. Cheers for the kind words, Martin ( I'll keep quiet that it was me who bought them...oops!)