Sunday, 11 December 2011

awkward glance to camera

A couple of cartoons in Private Eye-
This one drawn just before the computer went pop- haven't drawn anymore since.
Just as well it's Xmas- when the magazines seem to go into hibernation- so maybe they won't notice my lack of productivity for a bit. Hope to be back in the world of electronic gizmos soon, so with luck I won't have forgotten how to draw by then...

I'm sure the multi millionaire Ricky Gervais won't lose any sleep about this cartoon poking fun at his latest comedy on the BBC- I hear he's won awards n stuff- quite the success, apparently.

Look! The little bloke has fallen over! hahahahahahhaha!



  1. I presume you're purchasing a top-of-the-range MacBook Air? :D

  2. i was thinking of something more along the lines of an Amstrad