Friday, 4 February 2011

Customer is obviously over 25 (the old git)

Bah! The 5 year old computer I use to draw my cartoons with has gone wobbly. This has coincided with another fallow period of ideas, so in a way it's no great drama that I have to wait for a part to be delivered via the 2nd longest river in the world.
Thankfully, these days I don't rely on the income from cartoons to pay for my pot noodle habit, so I won't starve. But, there was a time when I gave being a full time cartoonist a go- If I’d lost the computer then I would have been a bit more panicky than I am now.
Another downside of home based self employment was the solitude- at that time my only social contact was at the local supermarket for my daily shop- my cartoon output at that time seemed to contain a lot of shop based ideas.
This never found a buyer:

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