Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I dunno

Sometimes I come up with an idea, and think of a suitable picture, but in the end can't add a snappy and witty caption.
I was reading once about how some brainy female graduates can earn more being a pole dancer in Exclusive Establishments for the Discerning Gentleman (refitted pub on the outskirts of Slough), than they could in industry.
Cue thoughts of someone not wanting to 'climb the greasy pole', so they ended up a dancer.
I know I know- bit corny, but I thought it might work-it didn't- I couldn't sell it.
Here’s the pic- just an excuse to post a picture of some foxy chicks really...

Make up your own caption.

It might be that climbing the greasy pole only refers to politics? I dunno- I thought it meant climbing the corporate ladder too- I should really do some research before attempting to do funny.


  1. Noticed you have given yourself a front row seat! Without context the cartoon is just pole dancing. I think if she was wearing a suit or on her blackberry or something, maybe... oh what do I know

  2. yes-but the caption would have given it context- you know nothing

  3. The caption would of been wittier with context in the cartoon, rather than having to spell it out and patronise the reader. You should trust my opinion I beat a cartoonist at his own game last month in a guess the caption competition - I learnt it all from you.

  4. Buffoon- and to think you were my boss...(and it's 'would have'- not 'would of'- twit)

  5. As I say I learnt it all from you!