Sunday, 26 September 2010

Not funny- official

Well- Once again I've been proved less funny than the readers of The Reader's Digest-My original caption for the following cartoon came third in the recent 'Beat The cartoonist' competition.
An explanation of the rules again- the cartoon was published without my caption- Readers are asked to come up with their own- the best 3 or 4, I’m not sure exactly, are put up against my (anonymous) caption- then people vote for their favourite.
The one voted best was:
"You know the old saying- use it or lose it."

My original was "I've cleared away all the cushions and stuffed toy animals- it appears we've never had a bed."

Now, initially I thought, yes, the winner's was probably better- but, then I thought, 'NO!'.
The readers are tagging a gag onto a situation where they know the bed is missing-but they don’t give a reason as to why it's not there- why are this couple just accepting the empty space? Why, readers, why?!
My one at least has some logic behind it.
Yeah- mine was best- shut up.

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  1. Len for president! Think I prefer yours, for what it's worth ;)