Saturday, 28 August 2010


Another day in London, and to avoid the crowds that were being thrown out of the British Museum due to a fire alarm, I took refuge in a comic book store. I've mentioned before on the blog how I don't 'get' comics/graphic novels, so I thought I’d give them another go and have a browse. Unfortunately I think I picked up the same book over and over again, but they all had different titles and covers- odd.
I then saw some original artwork on a wall, with a brief explanation of the writer's vision-I had high hopes- surely something different and original to justify the exhibition of work- let's see..."blah blah, cyber punk pirates, blah blah, post apocalyptic New York..."
Oh, for f....
OK- so, there might one day be some natural or man made apocalypse- but, do you know what it would look like? What shops would be looted? The big ones- like Tesco and Marks and Spencer’s- the post apocalyptic world will be all Blue Harbour elasticated denim slacks, and Florence and Fred pastel cardigans.
Where do these cyber goth pirate punks get their outfits? Do they spend all their time with sewing kit and scissors- feverishly sewing on studs and sequins- I expect they get their mums to do it for them.

Rant over- here's my only comic book related drawing so far- was published a week or so ago.

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