Monday, 9 August 2010

It used to be all slums round 'ere

I had a wander around London at the weekend- up to Hackney/Hoxton- it's where a lot of creative types live- I wonder why creatives all strive to look the same, eat in the same caff's and ride the same distressed bicycles. I suppose being creative is so exhausting you can't extend that creativity to being an individual. I’m not sure I fitted in. I can't squeeze into skinny jeans- stripey shirts make me look even fatter- I threw away my National Health spectacles before they became ironically hip.
I left the creatives to creatively bathe in their collective creative aura, and headed off to Hackney City Farm to say hello to the farm animals and the 3 leggedy cat. They were cool, and they weren't even trying.

Ah well- it's all about image and fitting in I suppose- every generation has their tribes...which brings me, rather clunkingly, to this cartoon in last week's Spectator.

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