Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Jeff Albertson

Found myself in a comic store in London the other day (looking for some old Private Eye mags). Majority of the shop obviously devoted to modern comics and graphic novels…I’m not a fan, I must admit.

Odd, really- after all, I work in IT and draw cartoons- you’d think I’d be the archetypal fan ( I do have the belly you’d expect though).

(Edit- just changed one of the comic titles as I realised it was unpleasant)
(Edit edit- realised the amended pic was missing the caption, so changed it again- (far too much effort this for a cartoon that probably only appeals to me)


  1. Suicide Chimp! That sounds a laugh. I'd read that.

  2. Perhaps I've missed my true vocation

  3. ... but isn't Jeff Albertson the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons? Or is that the whole point?

  4. Well spotted- no deep meaning other than he works in a comic book store