Sunday, 11 April 2010

Approaching menace

Professional Scotsman Sean Connery has appeared in a couple of films which feature the small town in which I live. One of them is the rather bonkers, but brilliant, Time Bandits.
At the end of that film the child hero's parents are destroyed by a piece of pure evil. In the film it resembles an overdone piece of Sunday roast. In real life the evil would take the form of a pussy cat.

NDC (next door's cat) has been on the hunt in my back garden again- about an hour ago he was seen running off with a mouse in his bewhiskered jaws of death.


  1. "Approaching Menace" is the title of the Mastermind theme. You probably knew that. Just showing off my knowledge of utterly pointless trivia.

    I'm a cat person, so we'll have to agree to disagree there, but I'm with you on Time Bandits.

  2. Ah- well, you see, I too am a cat person- I think they're great- but I also acknowledge the fact that if your cat was bigger than you, he would eat you.
    (Damn- i thought it was the title tune of Ant n Dec's latest game show 'Shoot me in the head, now, for the love of God!'