Thursday, 25 March 2010


A week off work for me, and pottering about indoors I came across a file containing some old cartoons. I think they're the first ones I ever had published- so long ago that some of the magazines no longer exist.

One of the mags was a comedy magazine called 'The Truth'. It looks like it's from 1988.

This rather odd gag of mine found its way into its pages

"Haven't seen a force nine gale, have you?"

Another mag, Maxim, is still going strong, but no longer publishes gag cartoons.
Back in 1998 they found space for quite a few gags, and this one of mine was accepted by them.

(There’s a feature in the same issue about young sports persons worth keeping an eye on. Apparently some 13 year old kid called Lewis Hamilton was worth a punt on winning the F1 Drivers' Championship one day)

Looking at the dates of these things it seems that I'd give cartooning a go and then give up for 10 years- I gave it a go in 1988 and then stopped- 1998 another go and then stopped- and now more recently I gave it a go in 2008, but this time I somehow have managed to keep going. Time will tell...

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