Thursday, 18 February 2010

I didn't nick it, honest guv.

Private Eye magazine is famous for clobbering the rich and famous, exposing incompetent officials, and lampooning our great leaders in government. It also does a fair bit of investigative journalism and campaigning. I’m quite proud to be a contributor to this magazine, and their latest issue has one of my cartoons-full of biting political satire and cutting edge wit it's all about, er... hair care.
Yeah! This is gonna bring down 'the man'. Have you seen it, Brown? Well, have you?!

I thought it was a cute but harmless idea, inspired by watching a current pop princess advertise hair products- Shiny, shiny, lustrous and sleek will be your barnet if you buy this product- Just like this poppet from up north (small caption in corner of screen 'styled with hair extensions'). Why can't they just be honest and say, 'this is a lie'.

n.b. This toon did raise one interesting point- well, from a cartoonist’s point of view at least. I discovered today that a fellow cartoonist, Wilbur, drew the exact same cartoon a couple of years ago, but had it rejected. People think of the same idea independently (that's what I told him anyway) that's fair enough- but it's frustrating for a cartoonist to have your idea rejected, only to see someone else getting the print coverage and payment with the same gag. Only magazine editors can explain this mystery.

Thankfully Wilbur doesn't know where I live (hopefully).


  1. We could tell him where you live .... what's it worth? ;)

    Standard's been good recently. Enjoying the cartoons :)

  2. Damn you Martin, and your access to geospatial intelligence

  3. It's the only intelligence I do have access to ...

  4. Len, did you notice this gag made it into Pedant's Corner in the Eye this week?

  5. No, i wasn't aware- another ambition achieved though! Can't wait to see what nit picking is going on.