Sunday, 6 December 2009

It's not rude, it's art

I've been discussing on one of the cartoonist online forums about how I draw everything on the computer these days. I'd like to do more stuff with proper pens, ink, n paper, so today I've been doing some doodling using a Japanese brush pen.
I'm not sure how the following rough sketch came about, but the fact that I was reading an article about Penelope Cruz in one of the Sunday papers earlier is a coincidence- honest.

I see myself as someone who is still learning how to draw, so I know this isn't the best study of the female form- but in my defence it was done without a model (i should be so lucky).

(I've had a go at tweaking the blog template to allow a bigger pic, so If you can't see the image, I apologise)


  1. the comparison between the stiffness of the previous post and the fluidity of this one is striking.

    i guess which you choose on any single occasion depends on the desired effect of the particular picture.

  2. Yes, you do change style for different types of drawing- but the stiffness of the previous post was more down to incompetence than any artistic reason

  3. Just go into the html, and tweak the size dimensions for the image. (Keep them to the same proportions to each other).

  4. Thanks Nigel- I'd done that ( i nicked the technique from the forum- might have been you who posted it...). I just wanted to forewarn peole in case it didn't work in some browsers.