Thursday, 20 August 2015

I dream of Jeannie

A while ago I tried my hand at the 3D arts.
It was meant to be a Minotaur reading a book.
I ran out of the air-drying clay, so it became a (poorly sculpted) Minotaur without hands or the bull's head (which I guess is the important bit for representing a Minotaur).

Fast forward about 3 years, and I try my hand at watch repairs. It was a cheap but cool looking 1970's era LED digital watch.
The market stall owner on the Golborne road said he couldn't guarantee it working, so I got hold of it for a fiver and took it home.
With great skill, and some solvent, I was able to ease out the ancient corroded battery and replace it with a nice and shiny fully charged one.
With great ham-fistedness I then unintentionally destroyed the printed circuit board with a screwdriver.
So close...

So, two half a**ed objects-  put them together with a bit of blutack and what do you get?
(and with the addition of some books from a charity shop)

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