Monday, 16 June 2014

Ricky Lenin of the Rovers

The footie world cup is on- I’ve watched a few matches and have enjoyed it so far. I don't follow the sport at any other time, but who can resist the lure of Faroe Islands v Equatorial Guinea (live from São João do Rio do PeixeLott, on ITVRubbish at midnight)?

I was told once by a cartoon editor that most mags don't take football related cartoons.
I'm using that excuse as to why this one wasn’t taken- although it being not very good and a bit obscure could be more genuine reasons.
I drew it ages ago-after the death of a football coach, who I recalled was vilified by the press and hounded out of his job by fans- but was elevated to sainthood through the act of having a heart attack.
I was trying to make a point about the mawkishness and hypocrisy of the sport- football is now a game of two halves, typically preceded by a minute's silence respect for someone or other...

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