Sunday, 26 January 2014

A whole new you - in 14 days!

I cannot draw blokes!
Spent all day yesterday trying to draw a chap at a desk- it is hopeless.

This is why most of my cartoons seem to feature women- such as the one below.
The subject being about new and old media- they're not so different- it's just that one tends to be a bit more subtle than the other.

The idea was inspired by an email from a chum stuck in a doctor's waiting room:
"...Womens magazines are awful, aren't they? Its all envy and self loathing. I'm making do with a cat magazine. Its for crazy cat ladies, clearly, but its less toxic than the others."

(The only reason I am writing this blog post is to put off drawing the 7 or so cartoons I need to finish by Monday- I'm having school homework flashbacks- damp and dreary Sunday with the clock ticking...all I need now is the theme tune to 'That's Life' to start up and the panic will be complete)

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