Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Haven’t posted a failure for a while- so here’s one.
Couldn't sell it.
I don’t care though- it still makes me laugh.


  1. Haha ... how incredibly pertinent with a six-week-old baby at home! :D

  2. ah- so that's what you've been up to...

  3. That's an lol for me. Cartoon editors' decisions can be baffling!

    (Excuse the delayed reply but my blog reading has become irregular since Google got rid of the iGoogle page that I used to use, with summaries of favourite blogs, for reasons best known to themselves.)

  4. yes- they can be an enigma...one of the best ones even wears baseball boots.

    As for Google- they will one day rule the planet- be careful what you say. I personally think they are wonderful- and not at all evil.