Wednesday, 3 July 2013


So, the longest day has been and gone- thankfully the nights will arrive earlier soon, and I will once more be able to think of cartoon ideas in the gloom.
Stupid summer and its staying light til late!
Not drawn much recently, but I do have stuff floating around.
This one is from The Spectator last week.

I dunno what all this 'surveillance state' fuss is about- just sit (or be forced to stand up if you are in the UK) in a train and you’ll end up being able to eavesdrop on VERY LOUDLY SPOKEN private phone conversations without computer trickery.
And, you know what- it's all dull dull dull:
" was like, amaaazing- Tamzin wuz sooo out of it- anyway- I had a big yeah from the one round the corner...nah, no chips…classic night out- it was proper mental isn’t it...look, babes, gotta go- the secretary general of the United Nations is trying to ring me- yeah, I's been bonkers since I won that wotsitsface peace prize...laterrrrs!!"

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