Sunday, 10 March 2013

Alpha and Omega

Friday was a night off from the drawing tablet and computer. I trekked into that London to see this:

Kind of hard to describe- an immersive theatrical happening- sort of like those 'mess with your head' things Derren Brown does to impressionable types. All took place in the bowels of Somerset House- on the Strand, London. Have I ever mentioned I once studied art hist...(yes! Shut Up!)...oh, ok- back to the plot.
Well- there isn't really a plot- I think... i'm not sure- anyway,  if you're close enough to go, and if they have tickets still, I’d recommend going.
Somerset House is a nice place to visit at any time actually.

Pah! When I was studying there that nice courtyard was a car park for the Inland Revenue workers who once inhabited the lovely old building.

Don't fret- some cartoons soon- had a couple of weeks off from drawing- had a bit of a blank spell, but the ideas trickling back again slowly.

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