Tuesday, 22 May 2012

skinny genes

I'm not sure if I've written on this blog that much about how I draw these things...maybe I have, but I've forgotten- such is the way of old age...sigh.
Anyroadup- wot I do, like, is scribble things into an ancient version of Flash, via an equally geriatric graphics tablet, and then spend ages tidying the resulting mess into something half decent- finished off with a bit of digital watercolour. I can spend hours tweaking a nose- sometimes days amending an elbow- just to get that 'dashed off in a minute' spontaneous feel.
It drives me mental.
But...sometimes…I get lucky- and the initial scritchy scratchy sketch is just right in my mind- such as this one. It's in the latest Prospect magazine.
Think this one took a few minutes.

It's always nice when an editor chooses your stuff- but they have layouts and things to consider- so I suppose it’s understandable that they had to squish and stretch my skinny design into a column width.
What you see above is the original skinny design. With this sort of gag I couldn’t see the point of adding superfluous detail- it’s all about the relationship between the two characters.
I dunno- I s’pose I could have added a sofa or something...?


  1. Nice poignancy to that one. Shrewdly done, Mr. L :)