Sunday, 15 April 2012


I haven't been posting much recently- it's the usual 'not a lot in print' excuse.
Also, the past month or so was a bit of a non cartoon time- I couldn't think of any ideas- so, rather than sulk, I tried to improve my drawing techniques: lots of charcoal sketching- dip pen stabbing- getting angry with water colour ineptitude.
I eventually got fed up with that too. So, to try and give the part of my 'brain' that deals with visual stuff a rest, I broke out the music gear- I am an excellent guitarist! but only in the way that Dave Lister is (you'll have to Google that, probably).
Eventually the neighbours came round and set fire to my amplifier.
Back to the toons- forced myself to sit down and have a thinking session, and somehow managed to come up with some stuff- just got to draw the damn things now.
It'll be a while before anything appears, so in the meantime here's a reject- came about after noticing how people on trains are no longer happy with just their own thoughts and staring out the window.

Just realised how bad this cartoon is- that's meant to be a tube train- how'd they get a signal???


  1. I know there are legal battles going in in NYC to get the entire subway system wired for cell signals to penetrate. For some reason I had though that the London tube had already gone that route. Anyway, I liked the cartoon and thought it worked.

  2. Hi Mike- London's flaxen haired buffoon of a mayor had plans to enable mobile/cell phone coverage on the London Underground in time for the olympics, but I think it 'hit the buffers' and got 'derailed' (puns courtesy of google) due to costs- so, the tube is still a telephonic black hole.

  3. You should just change it to a bus. Then it would work fine.

  4. It's OK- they must be on the Hammersmith n City line as it trundles along overground near Wood Lane, or something