Friday, 18 November 2011

a wizard idea...

Lawks- I haven't posted for a while- mostly due to lack of published stuff.
I'm in the situation where quite a few cartoons have been taken by magazines, but they haven't found their way onto the printed page yet.
But this one did- phew...It's in the latest issue of Prospect magazine
I will explain it- cos I know you won't 'get' it (yes, you in the blue stripy shirt, and the stupid hair).
Anyway- it's about tales of famous writers who supposedly worked their way out of poverty by writing in coffee shops. Hey, here's an idea- don't go to coffee shops if you're hard up- Five quid for a coffee and a bun?


  1. Bullseye! Excellent gag with a serious bit of truth behind it, Len!

  2. Thanks, Mike.
    Now that I've sold it I might be able to afford half a muffin at the local (insert global coffee chain here).