Wednesday, 7 September 2011

bob state

Almost drew a cartoon today- would have been the first one in about 2 months- but I was distracted by a pigeon in the back garden, so nowt came of it- but at least I thought about it, so it looks as if I might be finally breaking free from the Summer shackles of inspiration..woo!
Here's a cartoon I couldn't sell- I'm not going to include the caption- have a go at coming up with something yourself- If it's any good I might use it- and if it sells I won't credit you- because I'm mean.

(Update! A magazine asked for the toon today- woo hoo! I'll reveal the caption when it gets published)

(Update 2- this one finally made it in to print- my caption, as printed in Saga magazine is......"I'll have the happy meal")


  1. "Is sir ABSOLUTELY SURE he'd like the custard pie for dessert?"

  2. yup- that's pretty good-

    Hmm, maybe i should just stick to the scribbling and let other people do the hard bit of coming up with the funnies...