Thursday, 18 August 2011

version 1.0

Hello again- Thanks to those of you who said I should continue posting my nonsense- I do appreciate it. I don't know if other cartoonists go through periods of disliking what they're drawing...well, anyway- i do. I have decided to drop the cartoons for a bit, so that I can focus on teaching myself to draw and paint properly. I am now busy scribbling things that don't involve talking cats, psychotic pensioners or disaffected youths- and it's so much more enjoyable! I expect i'll get back to the toons again once I realise I need the extra money- but for now- here's an oldie, which i don't think i've posted previously...could be wrong though- it was in the Reader's Digest a year or so ago. (hope it comes out OK- I'm using a new editing thing in Blogger so that the pic appears the correct size)


  1. I really must commission you sometime for a piece of wall art. Maybe after I've converted the study at my new house (if it all goes through!) :D

  2. only if you knock up a website for me in return- i know you're good at those animated gifs and things- plenty flashing text and scrolling stuff-ace!