Thursday, 28 April 2011

says nothing to me about my life

I’m a bit rubbish at drawing. Without the aid of computer trickery and endless digital ‘undo’s’ my limitations are revealed. So, fed up with this inability to do stuff ‘live’, last night I started an evening class for Painting and Drawing. All I can say is that I will not be posting on this blog the abominations produced.

So- back to the cartoons- I have a couple in the current Private Eye- one ripping off a rather good artist, L.S.Lowry, and his scenes of working life in 1950’s Salford.
It’s a bit niche, this one- you have to know about how the BBC are moving some of their departments up to a new glossy location in Salford- and how some London based staff have been grizzling about it.
The magazine often pokes fun at media types, so I had a hunch they might publish it- and for once I was proved right.


  1. Great cartoon..topical!!!

  2. Really liked this one, Len. A great idea.

  3. Thanks for the comments- i quite enjoyed breaking free from the usual black n white line work with this one.